Why choose us

We design documentation your customers will use.

Is your documentation often used as a doorstop, booster seat, or large paperweight?

Effective documentation solves a problem and is easy to read and navigate. When your documentation reflects your customerís needs, it reduces their reliance on technical support, thus saving you money. Cadre Solutions will help you move your documentation from a doorstop to the desktop.

We design training courses to make your customers self sufficient.

Is tech support the life support for your customers, even after completing your training?

Training courses should teach learners how to be more self sufficient. Cadre Solutions will develop courses that teach your customers not just how to do one thing, but how to teach themselves to do anything.

We evaluate how customers use your product through usability testing.

Do your customers look like deer caught in headlights when they try to use your products or documentation?

We believe usability testing (evaluating how your customers use your products) is the most important step in identifying how to improve your products, documentation, and training. Cadre Solutions will evaluate the usability of your existing products and materials and help you design future products that customers find easier to use.

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